Teen/Adult Taekwon-Do

MWBA teaches Traditional ITF Tae Kwon-do as taught by Grand Master General Choi Hong Hi 9th degree (1918-2002), founder of Tae Kwon-do.  Our tried and tested curriculum is guaranteed to get you the results you would expect from a professional martial arts programme and it is our goal to ensure that ALL students reach their goal of Black Belt.

The Academy Membership offers separate classes for both beginner and advanced students as well as a separate class for 35yrs plus and Blackbelts only. 

Students will learn traditional Tae Kwon-do fundamental movements and familiarise themselves with the application of these movements in patterns and practical fixed sparring exercises.  Students can then test the effectiveness of their techniques in various ways :
  • Power and accuracy is demonstrated by the breaking of boards. 
  • Speed and co-ordination is demonstrated in free sparring.

The central element of Taekwon-Do are its 24 Patterns (Tul).  Patterns are sets of various fundamental movements, both offensive and defensive, against an imaginary opponent. These are performed in a fixed and logical sequence to help the student to develop correct technique, balance and precision. 

Moral culture is a fundamental part of Taekwon-Do with emphasis placed on courtesy to others and self discipline.

Most people choose to start training in a martial art for a combination of reasons - 

  • Some want practical training to learn how to defend themselves.
  • Many come to relieve stress and anxiety built up from the pressures of everyday life.
  • Others train to strengthen personal qualities like self-discipline and self-esteem.
  • Some want regular exercise to to improve fitness and build stamina and strength.
  • Others are interested in competition, and work hard to become champions.
  • Most people are looking for a challenge - training in Tae Kwon-Do is the perfect answer.

Whatever the reason, you will quickly become aware of the many benefits of training. Martial Arts students feel healthy and physically fit.  They are confident as they are learning to defend themselves, and this quiet confidence filters through to all phases of their life including home and work.  Furthermore, as you progress in the Martial Arts, you will gain a greater respect for yourself and others.

Our programmes provide: positive stress release, a creative exercise platform, the empowerment of "Real-Life" Self-Defense skills, and unity not found in other social arenas. 



Training in Taekwon-Do is extremely enjoyable and can bring with it a range of benefits:

We work with you to get the most out of your training, while giving you the opportunity to excel to the level of your choosing. 

Whether you are in it for exercise, self-defence, or to become a "World Champion", we can help you achieve your goal!