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OPEN BRITISH CHAMPIONSHIPS - 17 Gold, 12 Silver, 15 Bronze

NTA Travelled to Crawley to take part in the Open British on Saturday 25th November (17 MWBA & 10 BBA).  We returned in 3RD PLACE OVERALL with an amazing medal haul. 
Big thanks to our supporters, coaches and umpires who all worked very hard on what turned out to be an extremely long day.  We will hae many more photos to add but just a selection to start with.

Brandon Martin Mr Maxwell Fawcett
Mrs Wallace in deep concentration Mr Ben Jamieson

MSBA CHAMPIONSHIPS - 5 Gold, 5 Silver, 6 Bronze

This competition was held on Saturday 30th September in Motherwell with eleven students travelling to attend along with Mr Oag who travelled to umpire.  They returned with a total of 5 Gold, 5 Silver and 6 Bronze medals.  Great effort from all.



Saturday 16th September saw NTA Scotland host its 8th North East Challenge Cup. The event was held high up in the North East of Scotland in Aberdeen and was the third year being held in the Aberdeen Sports Village, Aberdeen’s premier sporting venue.

2017 saw our largest entry of 347 competitors from 23 schools. We had a truly fantastic representation not just from all over Scotland but also from those representing both the Scottish National and Allied Associations. In addition, ITF England competitors from the North East of England attended and we were happy to receive visitors from extended Taekwon-Do groups out with the mainstream ITF.

The 2017 NECC was privileged to have AETF Tournament and Umpire Chairman Master Sandy Dunbar VIII, Master Mark Hutton VIII, AETF Board Member Master Philip Lear VII and Master Robin Blair VII present as dignitaries. We were also privileged to have Master Lear offer his services as an Umpire for the day. Not to be outdone, Master Hutton and Master Dunbar were overwhelmed with a desire to umpire with Master Hutton assisting with 4th degree patterns and Master Dunbar scoring some sparring matches. Very honoured indeed!


On reflection sometimes we have to step back and realise what a special martial art we belong to and what a special sport has developed from within it and so often over the years we have taken it for granted. How many sporting events can have a 6yr old beginner compete at the same event as a four time European Champion and whose own efforts go towards their school’s medal tally. In some instances we had male and female competitors competing directly with each other (patterns) and outcome was based directly on their ability rather than their gender, strength or physicality.

Taekwon-Do crosses so many boundaries. We should be very proud to be a part of it.


Our first competition for the Kickin Kids was held on Sunday 4th June at MWBA.

As most of our senior grades in the KKs have experienced full blown national competitions, we thought we should get our junior grades some competition experience and boy did they excel in their first outing. We must thank all the parents for enrolling their children in the competition as we appreciate their support and also we appreciate putting their young ones in this type of arena whereby things may not go their way on the day. This the the "Do" part of Taekwon-Do.  We were very proud of everyones performance.

Big thank you to our Ring Councils led by Mrs Wallace and Mr Craig and our Umpires resplendant in their MWBA Umpire polo shirts: Mr Rafael Chavarria, Miss Amy Craig, Mr Campbell Oag, Calum Harvey, Adam Kain, Darryl Cox and Iain Baxter for given up their time and energy for our young ones.

The highlight of the day was the flying side kick. As you will see from the photos, with the adrenaline pumping they soared high...... Awesome to watch.




Congratulations to Charley Forbes & Abbie Craig who competed at the Boydell BBA Tots Competition in Inverbervie on Sunday 19th March. Charley won Gold for memory, Gold for Boards and Bronze for Sparring. Abby won Silver for Sparring. Fantastic effort from them both and thanks to Mr & Mrs Boydell for the invitation.


This competition was held on Saturday 18th March in Motherwell.  Nine students from our academy attended along with students from NTA.  They returned with a total of 4 Gold, 2 Silver and 5 Bronze medals.  What a great result from a small number of students!!

ITF SCOTLAND CHAMPIONSHIPS - Best Club & Best Group 2017

This years tournament was held over 2 days (25th & 26th February) in the Ravenscraig Regional Sports Centre in Motherwell.  Seniors competed on day one and Juniors on day two. Moving to a 2 day event proved extremely popular and allowed the event to run extremely well giving more space for the competitors and spectators. 

Congratulations to all 31 students who entered from MWBA and contributed to us being awarded 2017 Scottish Club Champions with 20 Gold Medals!!  This is a fantastic result.  Rewards for all the hard work, effort and support from my blackbelts, students and parents.

Also working alongside fellow instructors in Nta Scotland, we have a great system up here in the North East.  Not only winning Best Club at our school, but NTA also won Best Overall Group which we are delighted to receive.

Photos to follow.






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