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The 2017 World Championships was held in Dublin, Ireland from 11th-15th October.  Six students from NTA travelled to attend (none from MWBA this year) along with the Scotland Team.  The team returned with 1 Gold and 3 Bronze Medals.   

Master Wallace was working in his role with the Umpire Committee for the duration of the competition and Mrs Wallace worked as an Umpire for the event.  Pictured above with Master McNairn who was a Jury President at the event.

Congratulations to Miss Catriona Carr from BBA for winning Bronze in the under 50kg Senior Female Sparring division (this was her first World's as a Senior).  Congratulations to Mr Ian Forde from STA (Gold) in Junior Male <45kg Sparring, Miss Stephanie Willis from MHF (Bronze) Senior Female Sparring and Mr Gilles Brown from South Queensferry (Bronze) in Senior Male Sparring. 
Pictured above (Miss Stephanie Willis & Miss Katrina Carr).


Pictured below are all NTA Members who were selected to compete along with Mr Mark Boydel V Deg (Coach), Mrs Jacqui Wallace IV Deg (Umpire), Master Gordon Wallace VIII Deg (ITF Umpire Committee).
COMPETITORS - Miss Erin Logan I Deg, Miss Jodie Boydell I Deg, Mr James Craik I Deg, Mr Joseph Mowat I Deg, Mr Owen Glennie I Deg, Miss Katrina Carr II Deg.


This years European Championships were held in Bulgaria (20th-23rd April).  Miss Dannielle Gallacher & Miss Elle Trinder were part of the Junior Girls Team competing in TEAM PATTERNS along with Miss Erin Logan, Miss Catriona McRoberts & Miss Alex Marshall.  We are delighted to announce that they won GOLD in this division and are European Champions.   The Scotland Team were very successful this year finishing in 8th place out of 29 countries with 3 Gold, 1 Silver and 6 Bronze medals.


Miss Katrina Carr from BBA won Silver in her first Euros as a Senior in the under 50kg Female Sparring Category. Many congratulations to her for this great result.  Miss Carr was also part of the team winning Bronze in the Ladies Team Power event.

Great results also for Mr Gilles Brown and Mr Michael McRoberts from South Queensferry Taekwon-Do both winning Gold in their sparring categories.

Great results from the all!

DUTCH OPEN - 2 Gold, 3 Silver, 1 Bronze

Eleven students from our academy travelled to the  Dutch Open in Eindhoven, Holland along with students from Boydel BBA.  The tournament was held on Sunday 29th January with around 560 competitors spread of 10 rings in two halls it was a busy day for all. Our competitors as always showed great courage and we are very proud of their efforts. This was a great experience for everyone and it set the bar for the year.

Well done to everyone who travelled; Elle Trinder, Campbell Oag 1st deg; Ben Jamieson 2nd Kup; Daryl Cox 3rd Kup, Brandon Martin 4th Kup; Monty Balfour-Paul 7th Kup, Sam Martin 7th Kup, Amanda Cox 7th Kup, Cerys Cox 8th Kup (Top Kicker), Jaxon Martin 9th Kup (Super Kicker) and Isla Trahan 9th Kup.

With an special mention to:
Isla Trahan - Gold Pattern
Monty Balfour-Paul - Gold Sparring
Sam Martin - Silver Pattern
Amanda Cox - Silver Sparring
Cerys Cox - Silver Sparring & Bronze Pattern.

No 2nd Bronze so we should give Ben Jamieson a wee cheer for getting to the pattern semi-finals (4 rounds and bronze pay-off). Also cannot forget Mrs Wallace working all-day as our referee. 



The National Team Selections for the European Championships in April 2017 were held on Sunday 11th December. 

Congratulations to Miss D Gallacher & Miss E Trinder who were selected to represent Scotland in the upcoming European Championships






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National Team Selections

20th-23rd April
SOFIA, Bulgaria

The National Team Selections for the European Championships were held on Sunday 11th December 2016.  Congratulations to Miss D Gallacher, Miss E Trinder who were selected to represent Scotland in the upcoming European Championships in Bulgaria in April 2017.