Competition News - International


This years European Championships were held in Bulgaria (20th-23rd April).  Miss Dannielle Gallacher & Miss Elle Trinder were part of the Junior Girls Team competing in TEAM PATTERNS along with Miss Erin Logan, Miss Catriona McRoberts & Miss Alex Marshall.  We are delighted to announce that they won GOLD in this division and are European Champions.   The Scotland Team were very successful this year finishing in 8th place out of 29 countries with 3 Gold, 1 Silver and 6 Bronze medals.


Miss Katrina Carr from BBA won Silver in her first Euros as a Senior in the under 50kg Female Sparring Category. Many congratulations to her for this great result.  Miss Carr was also part of the team winning Bronze in the Ladies Team Power event.

Great results also for Mr Gilles Brown and Mr Michael McRoberts from South Queensferry Taekwon-Do both winning Gold in their sparring categories.

Great results from the all!

DUTCH OPEN - 2 Gold, 3 Silver, 1 Bronze

Eleven students from our academy travelled to the  Dutch Open in Eindhoven, Holland along with students from Boydel BBA.  The tournament was held on Sunday 29th January with around 560 competitors spread of 10 rings in two halls it was a busy day for all. Our competitors as always showed great courage and we are very proud of their efforts. This was a great experience for everyone and it set the bar for the year.

Well done to everyone who travelled; Elle Trinder, Campbell Oag 1st deg; Ben Jamieson 2nd Kup; Daryl Cox 3rd Kup, Brandon Martin 4th Kup; Monty Balfour-Paul 7th Kup, Sam Martin 7th Kup, Amanda Cox 7th Kup, Cerys Cox 8th Kup (Top Kicker), Jaxon Martin 9th Kup (Super Kicker) and Isla Trahan 9th Kup.

With an special mention to:
Isla Trahan - Gold Pattern
Monty Balfour-Paul - Gold Sparring
Sam Martin - Silver Pattern
Amanda Cox - Silver Sparring
Cerys Cox - Silver Sparring & Bronze Pattern.

No 2nd Bronze so we should give Ben Jamieson a wee cheer for getting to the pattern semi-finals (4 rounds and bronze pay-off). Also cannot forget Mrs Wallace working all-day as our referee. 



The National Team Selections for the European Championships in April 2017 were held on Sunday 11th December. 

Congratulations to Miss D Gallacher & Miss E Trinder who were selected to represent Scotland in the upcoming European Championships





Following our trip to Budapest for the World Cup with 37 students from NTA (Northern Taekwon-Do Academies), we are delighted to announce that we returned in 5th place overall out of 157 clubs.  This is a fantastic achievement and we are very pleased with this result.  Our final medal tally - 5 GOLD, 3 SILVER, 3 BRONZE

Katrina Carr, Rebecca Doan, Aileen Alberts, Catriona Steele (2)

Junior Girls Pattern Team- Jodie Boydell, Katie Davidson, Amy Craig, Elle Trinder, Dannielle Gallacher
Junior Boys Sparring Team- Owen Glennie, Maxwell Fawcett, Dylan Hepburn, Calum Wight, Arran Steele
Junior Boys Pattern Team- Owen Glennie, Maxwell Fawcett, Dylan Hepburn, Calum Wight, Arran Steele

Rebecca Doan, Alex Cattanach, Dylan Hepburn

Many thanks to all coaches and full time coaches – Mr Boydell, Mrs Boydell, Mr Craig, Peter Hepburn and Amanda Cox and International Umpire Committee member - Master Wallace along with International Umpires - Master McNairn and Mrs Wallace.



The European Championships were held in Finland from 27th April to 1st June 2016.  The Scotland Team returned with 1 Gold, 1 Silver and 6 Bronze Medals putting them in 11th place out of 27 countries.

This was an extremely successful competition for NTA Miss Katrina Carr winning Gold in <50Kg Junior Female Sparring for the 4th time in a row, Miss Dannielle Gallacher from our academy winning Bronze in Junior 1st Degree Patterns, Junior Female Team winning Bronze in Team Pattern (Katrina Carr, Dannielle Gallacher, Jodie Boydell, ALex Marshall & Catrional McRoberts) and Junior Female Team winning Silver in Team Power (Katrina Carr, Alex Marshall, Kloe McKay. 

Congratulations to them all and of course to the coaches.


DUTCH OPEN - 3 Gold, 5 Silver, 6 Bronze

The Dutch Open was held on Sunday 24th January in Eindhoven with 25 students travelling from NTA.  Seven students travelled from MWBA and 18 from BBA.   They returned with 3 GOLD, 5 SILVER & 6 BRONZE!!


Miss Elle Trinder Miss Katrina Carr Junior Team with coach Mr Boydell V Deg

 We are very happy to announce that Team Scotland were returned with a total of 1 Gold, 4 Silver & 7 Bronze Medals placing them 10th overall.

Great news for our own Elle Trinder who fought through some tough opponents to win Bronze in individual sparring!  Not only that but both Elle and Dannielle Gallacher were in the Team winning Bronze in Team Pattern.  We are very proud of them and are sure they will go from strength to strength!!  Many Congratulations also must go to Katrina Carr from Boydell BBA who won Gold for the 3rd time in a row in Individual Sparring, Bronze in individual Pattern and was part of the team winning Bronze in the Team Pattern.  Fantastic!!


Junior Ladies Sparring, -50kg GOLD (Katrina Carr), -65kg BRONZE (Elle Trinder)
Junior Ladies Team Pattern,
BRONZE (Dannielle Gallacher, Elle Trinder, Katrina Carr, Jodie Boydell, Catriona McRoberts, Alex Marshall)
Senior Ladies Team Sparring,
Senior Male Sparring,
-63kg BRONZE (Alexander Gray), -85kg SILVER (David Gray), -70kg SILVER (Iain O Hare), -78kg SILVER (Gilles Brown)
Senior Ladies Power,
BRONZE (Stephanie Willis)
Junior Ladies 2nd Deg - BRONZE (Katrina Carr), Junior Male 1st Deg - SILVER (Michael McRoberts), Junior Male 2nd Deg - BRONZE (Liam King)

We must thank our IT volunteer, Craig Rennie who along with Phillip Mowatt (BBA) and 4 others from the area did a great job and really helped keep things running smoothly.  We were also very impressed to see some of our parents helping to setup the venue and working as volunteers during the days with the many jobs needed behind the scenes!

Mrs Wallace was also kept busy as an umpire throughout  the event and Master Wallace with the Umpire Committee running the tournament and overseeing the umpires.  We all thoroughly enjoyed the event and were pleased to hear that some students and parents were in the crowd supporting the team.  We hope the Scotland Team builds on these results to send another big team to Finland for the next European Championships in June.  We wish them lots of success for the future!



A team of 22 from Scotland which included 3 from our academy - Dannielle Gallacher, Elle Trinder and Katy Humprhies, travelled along with coaches to compete at the World Championships in Jesolo, Italy. 

The tournament was held over 5 days from 27th-31st May.

The team returned with a Silver Medal won by Katrina Carr II Deg in <50Kg Sparring.  Miss Carr trains with Mr Boydell V Deg , NTA.  Many congratulations!




The ITF World Cup was held in Montego Bay, Jamaica this year from Wednesday 27th to Saturday 30th September.  Two students travelled to compete for NTA from our Academy - Dean Robertson and Rafael Chavarria 4th Kups.  Three Instructors from NTA also travelled to Umpire - Master G Wallace VII, Master D Mcnairn VI and Mrs J Wallace III.

Both Dean and Rafael won through a couple of rounds in the Pattern event but were unlucky on their first visit to the World Cup.  In the Sparring however, Rafael fought really well against a tall Jamaican with excellent timing with his counter attacks.  He was winning for most of the match, then in the final stages it went to 2,1,1, with a win to Jamaica. It was such a shame because ge fought very well.


Dean fought an excellent first match. He was well ahead and in full control. Scoring very well with side kicks, very sharp with punches and a head shot! He won the first round and I was so proud of his performance, as was Master Wallace who managed to see it. The second round went well but the opponent was more difficult. It was still very close and could have gone either way. He really was unlucky not to win the second bought but was awarded Silver which is excellent!

We are both very proud of them both and impressed with their commitment. Well done!!!!

We were very proud of how well they competed and also in the effort they both made with their preparations.  They both lost a lot of weight and got themselves fighting fit by attending all the additional classes they could over the months before the competition.  Great Job! 

Pictured Left-Right
(Rafael Chavarria & Dean Robertson)



A Fundraising Race Night was held on Saturday 16th August in the Sportsman's Club in Aberdeen.  Thank you to all who supported this event by attending, donating raffles, sponsoring the races, buying horses etc.  Thank  you to Jochan Wood who organised it all and did all the hard work!!  This event has raised £1200 to help with their costs.  A fantastic amount!!

SPONSORSHIP - Virtual Wells Ltd

We have to take this opportunity to thank Mr Deady who has very kindly sponsored Rafael and Dean £200 from his company Virtual Wells Limited.  This kind gesture is very much appreciated by them both.


Thank you to Northern Taekwon-Do Academies who sponsored the World Cup Entry Fees for Dean and Rafael.


The Master Wallace Blackbelt Academy has sponsored Dean and Rafael with new ITF Uniforms and NTA Tracksuits for the tournament.  In addition, they have been provided with HERBALIFE nutrition products.  We also had a Fundraising Scratch Card which raised £50 and £32 was raised from Graduation DVD sales kindly donated by George Munro.   


This years Championships were held on Sunday 19th January in Best near Eindhoven with over 750 competitors.  Five students attended from our Academy along with 17 students from NTA.  They returned with  1 Gold, 2 Silver and 2 Bronze medals.

Miss Carr - gold sparring, Gavin Shaw - silver sparring, Danielle Gallagher - silver patterns, Ross Leport - bronze patterns, Rowan Nilssen - bronze patterns

Well done to everyone who travelled and took part in such a big international competition and we look forward to the next one.



Up and coming

20th-23rd April
SOFIA, Bulgaria

The National Team Selections for the European Championships were held on Sunday 11th December.  Congratulations to Miss D Gallacher, Miss E Trinder who were selected to represent Scotland in the upcoming European Championships in Bulgaria in April.