Kickin' Kids

One of the most rewarding activities that your child can be involved in is the Martial Arts!  Our Kickin' Kids Programme will greatly enhance your child's self-confidence and concentration for a better head start in life. This not only helps them to improve their grades in school, but also prepares them to excel in all of life's challenges. Our students also develop a more positive attitude that will help them to say "NO" to unhealthy peer pressure.

Our Kickin' Kids Programme is an age-specific curriculum that we have professionally designed to teach children between 7 and 9 years old and is the next stage in the Programme for our Little Ninjas.  We realize that children this age have specific characteristics that differ from children younger and older than them, but they are still not quite ready to face the same challenges presented to children 10-12years of age. 

Although some children between the ages of 7-9 can keep up with older children, and in some cases surpass them, the average 7 - 9 year old will benefit from a more specific type of training such as this programme.

There are 8 belt colours in the Kickin' Kids Programme ranking from the lowest, White through to Red/White Stripe.

Progressing through the syllabus

The Skill Stripe & Merit Badge system allows the student to have regular smaller assessments, which result in the awarding of a particular stripe/badge.  Each grade has a specified number of stripes and badges in various skills and technical disciplines which the student must collect before advancement to the next level.  

A Merit Badge for Personal Development/Blackbelt Attitude must also be collected at each grade.  (A demonstration of blackbelt attitude: Courtesy to everybody, enthusiasm in class, willingness to help others and to be the best they can be, in class, home and school).

A Terminology Merit Badge must also be collected at each level (with the exception of white belt).  Students must learn the Korean definition for the movements they are practicing, along with the definition of the Patterns and Belt Colours etc. 


The emphasis of this programme is on establishing discipline & courtesy.  Control builds confidence and our classes help create the vision that discipline is fun and rewarding.

Classes are conducted in an atmosphere of respect. The structure of respect for senior & elder students is built into their instruction.  Students must bow to show respect to the training area, the Instructors and each other. 



Once all the Skill Stripes and Technical Merit Badges have been awarded, the Kickin' Kid will be ready for Graduation to the next level.  Parents will be invited to the Graduation, along with family and friends in order to make it a special occasion for them. 


Competitions are a great way of adding an extra focus for training as well as aiding with confidence and team building.  Students are encouraged to participate by starting with small competitions held within our premises. A large number of competitions are made available throughout the year.







Students will learn to focus all their attention to the activity being practiced.   Many children are easily distracted and this is a great way of improving their concentration. 

The techniques taught in this programme build up from simple movements to complex patterns and our teaching techniques enable all students to develop co-ordination and balance which are very important during the growth years.

Almost all people training in Taekwon-Do say that their confidence has improved and that this extends beyond training, into other areas of their lives.